Queen A is an aspiring upcoming Life Coach that focuses on personal development whose goal is to bring back a smile a day and bring back the positive bond between youth and adults through her 13 principals that focus on building confidence.

Queen A has been featured in 2 separate documentaries the first one being Cincinnati Goddamn which focuses on one of the world's worst riots that broke out in Cincinnati, Ohio in the year 2001 where she spoke out against police brutality and the stress it caused in the city.

The second documentary titled "Sins of the City" Season 4 episode 4 where she focuses on overcoming the struggles of the environment and how far the city has come since the riot in 2001.

Having over 10 years of experience working with different personalities has more than proved that she has what it takes when it comes to turning frowns upside down and creating that perfect smile.


"A smile a day keeps the Dr. away have you had your smile today?" -Queen A


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